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Some vaccinations are undertaken as part of a health surveillance programme. For example, those at risk of infections in the workplace will be offered appropriate vaccination. As an example, Hepatitis B – healthcare worker, laboratory staff, staff in residential accommodation and other occupational health risk groups who could be exposed to blood borne viruses, for example staff in day care settings and special schools or those with a severe learning disability, immunisation is recommended for all prison service staff and other groups such as morticians.

Hepatitis A is recommended for laboratory workers, staff in some large residential institutions, sewage workers and in some circumstances food packagers and handlers, staff in day care facilities and health care workers.

Post exposure immunisation can sometimes be required for both Hepatitis A & B also for those not immune and yet exposed accidentally to hepatitis A or B.

Travel vaccinations can include the full remit of standard vaccinations available and on review of an individual’s vaccination history (and with due reference to current vaccination schedules) we can provide the necessary vaccines for those travelling abroad.