10-12 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 6AA

H3 Health Insurance

H3 Health Insurance is Northern Ireland’s first local provider of private medical insurance. Since launching in 2010, H3 Health Insurance has grown to quickly establish itself as a leading provider of niche health insurance products for UK individuals and businesses.

They offer a wide range of health insurance products which have been tailored to meet the needs of the local public, to help employers reduce and manage sickness absence, and to enable individuals and employees to avoid unnecessary waits  and to get access to medical treatment.

Based in Belfast, their expert team is best placed to provide you and your employees with quick access to over 500 local specialists, NHS and private medical facilities in Northern Ireland, and an extensive range of specialists and facilities throughout the UK.

Key to their success and growth has been their ongoing attitude to innovating new products, and introducing new concepts to private medical insurance. H3 Health Insurance members can, therefore, enjoy the benefits of value-added unique cover features as well as the comprehensive cover that you would expect from a quality healthcare provider.

Please visit the H3 Health Insurance website for more information: www.h3insurance.com