business facts

Absence, injury and ill health are a business as well as personal cost …

“…131 million working days are lost to sickness absence in the UK …more working days were lost to musculoskeletal problems like back or neck pain than any other cause…” National Office for Statistics UK, Feb 2016

“ …We believe an effective absence management approach is one which is coupled with a focus on health promotion and employee well-being. Proactively supporting well-being can prevent people from going off sick, or deal with an issue before it becomes a real problem. And with the estimated

cost of absence to employers being around £550 per employee per year, the spotlight is very much on promoting workforce health” CIPD Absence Management Survey 2015

“… Much absence and inactivity is due to comparatively mild illness which is compatible with work – and may be improved by work …” Health at Work – an independent Review of Sickness Absence – Dame Carol Black ……. – DWP, Nov 2011

“…The UK’s largest annual survey of sickness absence rates from Personal Today shows that sickness absence was an average of 2.8% of working time per annum, or 6.5 days per employee, during 2014. This costs employers an average of £16 billion, or a median cost of £11 billion….Personal Today Oct 2015

Price Waterhouse Coopers – PWC calculate that Sickness Absence cost the UK almost £29 billion per year and the overall cost of absence is £31.1 billion per year when compassionate and industrial action are included – PWC Feb 2016

Amongst civil servants In Northern Ireland absence ‘represents 10.8 days lost per staff in 2014/2015 and increase from the previous year of 10.1, and short of the target set of 8.5 days per staff days. This equates to approximately £31.9 million in terms of lost production …1/3rd of this absence was recorded as due to mental ill health and 1/3 of those work related’ Sickness Absence in the Northern Ireland Civil Service 2014/2015 – The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research, Feb 2016

In Eire, absence costs small business over 490million Euro per annum, with over 4 Million days lost in 2014 …and Back pain and Anxiety/depression the biggest contributors – Small Firms Association Feb 2016