sick absence and rehabilitation

We can help employers manage this vitally important issue proactively in a robust but fair way.

Having assessed the individual’s history, our clinicians will advise you on the possible causes of the absence. We consider both medical and non-medical issues for absence and help your employee deal appropriately with their health situation advising the need for appropriate or additional treatment.

If there appears to be a work related cause we can help the employer identify this and deal with the situation appropriately.

We will liaise with the general practitioner or medical specialist, physiotherapist or counsellor as appropriate, ensuring early referral to these practitioners and preventing unnecessary delays in diagnosis, treatment and ultimately return to work.

For those with general medical problems, as well as ensuring adherence to prescribed treatment, we will advise about the prognosis and design a return to work programme assisting overall rehabilitation. This can include an earlier return to work. Will also advise on ‘adjustments or accommodations’ with sensible timescales to enable those with medical problems to return to work. Remember it often only requires some basic ‘adjustments’ to the job to help most people back to work sooner rather than later. Read more at the link “Is Work Good for your Health and Well Being”.

We will do this by giving management and the individual clear impartial advice based on medical evidence.

Remaining in employment has established health benefits for most people. There are obvious benefits for your company also. Therefore, a return to work can be used as part of someone’s overall rehabilitation back to better, or even, full health. This should be seen as a ‘win/win’ situation. If, however, a return to work is not a foreseeable outcome, we will also advise you why this is and whether retirement on health grounds may be an appropriate outcome for someone who is permanently unfit for work.