Pre-employment assessments can take a number of forms including paper based screening or face-to-face assessments either with an occupational health nursing advisor or occupational health physician.

This depends on your requirements and the nature of the job. We will ensure that your pre-employment health questionnaire is appropriate to the job and not potentially discriminatory. The purposes of pre-employment health screening should be to ensure new entrants into the workforce will be physically and mentally capable of undertaking the role safely without adversely affecting their health or significantly impacting on the health and safety of others in the work environment.

We will advise you with regards the potential effects of known disabilities and indicate possible adjustments.

As well as this, a pre-employment assessment can help establish a baseline for future health surveillance programmes where there are known and significant occupational hazards like noise, vibration or respiratory contaminants. This can help the conscientious employer successfully defend against future litigation.