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If you are looking for an Occupational Health related service to improve your employees health and so reduce your sickness absence rate and a service that truly delivers, then OHRD Ltd is right for you. By managing your employees health you will enable your business.

Based in Belfast, with offices in Enniskillen, Londonderry and Sligo, our clients are both local and national, large and small. You may be a small business in need of a medical assessment for one or two of your employees on prolonged sickness absence. Or you may be a multi-million pound brand looking to lower your sickness absence rates and provide a comprehensive health surveillance programme.

At OHRD Ltd the doctors and nurses looking after you have many years combined experience in delivering results to businesses like yours.

Maybe you are experiencing the pains and pleasures of growing your own business but are hindered by having to tackle the sensitive issues of employee health, then, let’s chat today about an attentive, confidential service that provides clear, unambiguous advice, to help you implement a comprehensive occupational health and welfare service for your organisation. If the experience of our present clients is anything to go by you will enjoy an exceptional response rate and a decrease in your sickness absence.

Whatever the location, managing health in your workplace enables you to manage your business more effectively. We will help you assess your needs and deliver to your specifications. As a result you will improve your productivity and the performance of your business.

Managing the health of your staff enables your business. How would it feel to have a happy workforce because they know you have their health as a priority?

If you want a quality service delivered by dedicated, compassionate health professionals then OHRD can offer you: