• Transport – including railway industry and logistic companies
  • Manufacturing – including engineering, aeronautical, automotive, and information technology
  • Telecommunications – including call centres, operational field staff and support workers
  • Pension Funds – extensive experience in selected medical practitioner (SMP) for police forces and several large superannuable pension funds
  • Local Authority – including several large regional councils
  • Education – including primary, grammar and vocational┬átraining colleges
  • Health – including both National Health Services and Private Sector
  • Emergency Services – including several large police services in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and ambulance services
  • Defence and Security – includes public sector civilian support staff, prison services and private security firms
  • Central and Regional Government – includes a wide range of white and blue collar workers at all grades
  • Retail – including large and small retail organisations
  • Finance – including a number of large financial institutions
  • Legal – including medico legal and expert witnesses